Star of the Week: Afroditi


I know that you have heard of the second star on the right

Well she is here with us now and she’s shining really bright.

We have been lucky to have her at St Clement Danes,

And in just a few moments I shall reveal her name.

Just like Wendy she can weave wonderful tales,

And in spelling tests and maths she never ever fails.

She is filled with humour like Michael and John,

She is ever so funny and full of such fun.

Like Tiger Lilly she is brave and strong,

And like Tinkerbell she knows when she is wrong.

But now like Peter Pan it is time for this star to fly,

She’s going back to Greece and we must say goodbye.

The Darling children only spent one night in Neverland,

And it is only for one year that we had her in our merry band.

Afroditi we will remember all your joy and laughter,

And we just know that you will live happily ever after.