PE and Sport Premium

At St Clement Danes we recognise the contribution of Physical Education (PE) to the health and well-being of our pupils. We believe that an innovative, varied and competitive PE curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all.


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PE and Sport Premium 2023-2024


At St Clement Danes we are using the PE and Sport Premium funding to ensure all pupils receive high quality PE lessons which promote a love of physical activity and improve pupils’ physical fitness.

PE provisions at St Clement Danes that have been supported by the funding:

  • Each class has 2 hours of PE per week taught by either the class teachers or visiting specialists
  • PE is taught by specialist coaches who, alongside class teachers and the PE subject leader, ensure there is progression between year groups
  • A variety of high quality and well maintained resources are provided for all pupils to fully engage in all lessons without having to wait or share
  • Key Stage 2 pupils are given the opportunity to participate in inter-house competitive games. The Annual Sports Day is held at Coram’s Fields to ensure all pupils experience PE in a bigger space than the school site can provide.
  • All pupils participate in Level 1 (in school) competition each term
  • Key Stage 2 pupils have the opportunity to participate in Level 2 (inter-borough) competitions
  • Key Stage 2 pupils have swimming lessons at the YMCA swimming pool
  • Nutritional lessons are taught by a qualified nutritionists, alongside PE lessons to ensure pupils have a fuller understanding of how to stay healthy

Recent impact of the funding

100% of pupils surveyed reported that they enjoy PE and knew how to improve in lessons

‘PE makes me feel good and it is my favourite subject’ 

‘I look forward to PE lessons’ 

‘PE is lots of fun’ 

‘In cricket I know that I need to work on my fielding’

Pupils are enjoying a variety of different sports, e.g; tag-rugby, dance, gymnastics, cricket, hockey, netball, athletics

‘I like all the sports we play in PE and I like to play fairly’

90% of pupils surveyed  said that they liked the competitive elements of lessons and going to Level 2 competitions. The remaining 10% said that they sometimes liked being competitive.

‘Being competitive is fun and gives PE a real purpose’ 

Pupils from upper Key Stage 2 participated in dance lessons with expert specialist teachers from Rambert Dance Company.

‘The workshop was really challenging but the teacher really helped me to understand the choreography. The dancers that we saw at Sadler’s Wells made it look easy to dance but it is really quite difficult.’

A survey of staff identified that teachers wanted support with gymnastics so the school now has a gymnastics coach who teaches 2 classes per week. In the session the gymnastics coach is providing training for teachers during these lessons making high quality gymnastics teaching at St Clement Danes sustainable.

Identified pupils had booster swimming sessions, they had rigorous baseline assessment and progress made was measurable. 100% of the pupils with 100% attendance made at least one level of progress

Future Developments as a result of the funding

  • Additional swimming lessons
  • Further develop YMCA partnership opportunities - including - teacher training, planning support, competition entry
  • Teacher training for new teachers to continue to ensure sustainability of quality teaching across the school