The Big Read!

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This year, St Clement Danes’ children are once again taking part in their very own reading challenge called The Big Read. It has been hugely successful in previous years and we have brought it back to excite the children about reading once again!

Reading is crucial in every aspect of learning and it opens up a whole world of imagination, creativity and understanding of ourselves and others.

Our teachers have been researching and reading the best quality books and have each created a book list for their classes. Teachers have chosen a variety of quality texts that reflect the realities and diversity of our children. We have tried to ensure new and exciting books are on the list to help each child explore less familiar texts that they might not choose themselves, but could open up different worlds and interests.Happy reading, everyone!


This year's Class Book Lists:

Book List for Year 6

Book List for Year 5

Book List for Year 4

Book List for Year 3

Book List for Year 2

Book List for Year 1

Book / Rhyme List for Reception


There's even a challenge sheet for the adults too:

Book List for Parents and Teachers


The challenge is to read these books at home and then complete a follow-up task at school. Readers will have the chance to get bronze, silver and gold reading badges!

We encourage you to go to your local library, book shop, charity shop or even borrow a book from a friend. If you have a copy of the book and you would like to share it with your classmates, please do bring it in for the other children to borrow.

You do not need to rush through the books and this is not a competition between children to see who can read them the fastest. WE encourage to take your time and savour the books. We's like this to be seen as a personal challenge and fun! We encourage parents to spend time talking to their child about the books they are reading. These are quality texts and we have taken advice from The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education who research extensively into book collections for schools ensuring a range of issues, authors and diversities are reflected in the book choices we give our children.

Parents, carers and teachers can get involved too! We have chosen some texts from each year group for parents, carers and teachers to complete their own BIG READ. It will be a good chance for you to get into the books which your child might be reading or may want to read in the future ...and it's a chance for parents, carers and teachers to win the BIG READ badges too! We'd love to have the whole school will be buzzing about books! HAPPY READING!


Parents, for more information about The Big Read, please click here:

Information about how to take part in The Big Read


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