Church and Worship

'I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full' - John 10:10


As a Church of England School, our vision for education is deeply Christian, this vision is for the common good of the whole community. 

In Religious Education, through stories, discussions and topic work we aim to explore the teaching of Jesus, ideas about God and create a sense of wonder about the world in which we live. Our RE scheme of work also has a strong emphasis on the teaching of other faiths. Through regular philosophical enquiries we seek to reflect together on philosophical questions and develop as critical thinkers. 

The School holds a daily act of Collective Worship.  This is part of the daily school assembly. Our assemblies cover a number of themes such as families and friends, love, care and honesty. On Fridays, children take turns to present at assembly which celebrates the work they have been doing during the week.  This takes place at 9.15 am. All parents and carers are warmly welcomed. The Parish Priest, and priests from neighbouring Churches lead regular Collective Worship for the whole school. Outside speakers are also regularly invited to speak to the children. Children in Key Stage 2 take part in a termly Eucharist Service at our local church. 

The school's weekly collective worship is led by the Rector from St Paul's Church, Covent Garden. The London Diocesan Board also provides advice and additional support.

The School is affiliated to three churches, St Mary-le-Strand which serves the Parish of St Mary-le-Strand, St Clement Danes Church and St Paul’s, Covent Garden. The whole school attends the churches to celebrate special feast days throughout the year. 

  • St Paul's Church - 'The Actors' Church' in the heart of Covent Garden
  • St Clement Danes - the central church of the Royal Air Force
  • St Mary le Strand - a Church of England church in the centre of the Strand

Our values are our anchor and guide everything we do. These core values are friendship, thankfulness, wisdom, endurance, forgiveness and service. We seek to foster our spiritual and moral development within a caring community and work in close partnership with parents and carers.

Our school values are rooted in stories from the Bible:

  • A story of thankfulness (Luke 17:11-19) - please click here
  • A story of friendship (Mark 2:1-12) - please click here
  • A story of service (Luke 10: 25-37)- please click here
  • A story of wisdom (Matthew 7: 24-27) - please click here
  • A story of forgiveness (Luke 15 : 3-7)
  • A story of endurance (Luke 18: 1-8)