Home Learning 2019-2020

Home Learning 2019-20


During this time of school closure, we hope you will find the resources and information below useful for Home Learning.  (Please scroll down for document links.)

A message from Miss Coxhead:  I’d like to emphasise, particularly as you begin to settle into new routines, please don’t put undue pressure on yourselves. Snuggle up and take turns to read stories, read read, play games, bake and talk! Did you know that parents who just talk as they go about their daily activities expose themselves to 1000-2000 words every hour?

Before schools closed, Home Learning Packs with printed resources were given to all our children. Additional printed resources have been posted to each child in a 'Goody Bag' this term. Please click on the blue links below for further resources and information.

Do remember to take your time with Home Learning, go at your own pace, take plenty of breaks and please don’t feel under any pressure to tick things off a list. The most important thing is to talk lots, read lots and to take good care of each other! 

In addition to the documents below, please also click here for a link to our school blog where teachers will be posting further suggestions each term-time weekday.

Thank you for the e-mails you're sending to school. We love seeing children’s work, receiving your messages and talking to you on the phone. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We are here to help and support you. You can contact us at: 

There is no ‘right way’ to approach learning at home. Each family is different - with its own context, space, resources, commitments and challenges. Please just do whatever feels manageable for your family. The most important thing is your family’s positive mental health. There is no pressure or expectation from school that you must complete a set amount of work each day. Whatever you feel manageable in your own family circumstances, is perfectly right for this time. School will work extra hard to catch pupils up when we return. We're really missing you all and we and can’t wait to get back together! Remember, we’re all at home but none of us are alone. We’re in this together, St Clement Danes!  

STAYING SAFE ONLINE (important reminders for all families)


Additional support for children with SEND

SCHOOL BLOG - check daily for further suggestions from teachers!


HOME LEARNING RESOURCES  (for all families)


Home Learning for Term 6:

CLASS NEWSLETTERS for Home Learning in Term 6

WEEKLY TASK SHEETS for Home Learning in Term 6


Home Learning for Term 5:

CLASS NEWSLETTERS for Home Learning in Term 5


Home Learning for Term 4:

Further guidance for Nursery and Reception

Further guidance for Year 1

Further guidance for Year 2

Further guidance for Year 3

Further guidance for Year 4

Further guidance for Year 5

Further guidance for Year 6

SCHOOL BLOGS - Check daily for further suggestions from teachers!