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Daily Timetable

Posted on: 27/04/2020

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Dear Parents and Carers,


There is no ‘right way’ to approach learning at home. You must do whatever feels manageable for your family.

You may have found that it’s helpful to have a set routine for learning each day or you might prefer to keep a more flexible pattern to your days.

If you would like to follow a more structured timetable, the example below offers a suggestion. It is by no means an expectation for all families to follow. Each family is different - with its own context, space, resources, commitments and challenges.

You must not feel under any pressure to complete any set amount of work each day. Whatever you feel manageable in your own family circumstances, is perfectly right for this time.

Please remember that the value of free play, and time spent chatting with family, cannot be underestimated. Play is such an important part of learning. Through play children explore, discover and understand.  

If you would find it helpful to follow a structured routine each day, the timetable below offers a guideline that we hope you will be able to adapt to suit your child and family.


Years 1 - 6

Nursery and Reception