Support and Services for Parents

At St Clement Danes we offer a variety of helpful services to parents and carers.

Our family practitioner holds a weekly coffee morning in school which is well attended by parents and carers from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Here, parents and carers share ideas over coffee, develop friendships and offer practical help to each other with such things as baby-sitting and form filling. Outside speakers are occasionally invited to speak about issues such as relationships and sex education and returning to work.

For children who experience challenges in school or at home, support can be offered by the family group which is supported by the Anna Freud Centre. A group of St Clement Danes families meet together once a week in school, sharing their experiences of parenting issues and offering each other advice and support.

We seek to support parents to help them make their children’s lives happier, as well as strengthening home/school partnerships. Research tells us that good parenting has a significant impact in raising a child’s achievement in school.

St Clement Danes also provides opportunities for parents and carers to access support in the following different ways.

  • Support from the school's Family Practitioner and Family Therapist, Viv Sanassy 
  • Online Safety parent workshops by a specialist consultant 
  • Early Help Support
  • Child and adolescent mental health services
  • Family support services
  • Visiting nurse
  • Visiting educational psychologist
  • Specialist educational services
  • Parent notice boards
  • Parent/teacher association
  • Support from Rosie Wilkinson (from the charity Mind) – for further information please click here and contact Rosie via our school office.

For further information about any of these services please contact the school office.

Talking about Mental Health