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Cycle Confident

Posted on: 29/04/2021

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This week, Year 6 joined Cycle Confident to learn the safeties of cycling on the road.

Please take a look at this blog which was written by some of our Year 6 pupils:


We were split into 2 groups who both got 1 hour each day to improve their cycling skills. We started off in our playground learning the basics of indicating and doing a general bicycle check.

We were very soon travelling locally on our bike, getting used to traffic and road signals. We have had many positive comments about how much we enjoyed our experience. Here are some of them:



We are all very grateful for this experience as it will help us in travel in a more environmentally friendly way in the future. We all benefited in this in many different ways to do with cycling skills and safety. We hope many other classes will get to have this experience in Y6 as it’s important that everyone gets the chance to learn the ways of the road.


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