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Windrush Day 2021

Posted on: 22/06/2021

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Today is Windrush Day.

This day marks an important time in our history. It is a special day to remember a generation of people from the Caribbean who came over to the UK by invitation to help rebuild Britain after the World War Two, 73 years ago. But appallingly when they arrived in the UK to live and work, they were often met with hostility, prejudice and racism.

The Black Curriculum


To learn more about this important day in our history, at school this week classes have been involved in an online storytelling session, with performers from the Bigfoot theatre company:



Learn more and listen to the story of the Windrush generation:

The Windrush Generation 

Did you know that a new permanent monument is being designed to honour the Windrush generation? The artwork will be installed very near our school at Waterloo Station. Find out more: Newsround

This year the government has announced that it will be giving £500,000 to charities, community groups and councils across England to mark the event. This money will be used to fund 42 projects, such as museum exhibitions, performances and programmes for schools, to help tell the story of the Windrush Generation.


Listen to this poem by Theophina Gabriel:

Poem: Windrush Generation



Read this book:  by Jelani Memory:

A Kids Book About Racism  

Kids book about racism



Information for adults:

How to talk to kids about race

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