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Year 3 visit The Royal Ballet School!

Posted on: 16/11/2023

Year 3 had the exciting opportunity to visit The Royal Ballet School this morning! First they were able to learn about the lives of Royal Ballet School students from some Junior Associates (Year 6 children who attend) and two Pre-Professional Dancers in their final year of studying. Then Year 3 watched an exciting class demonstration and learnt about the key vocabulary and moves used within ballet.

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Luqman: “My favourite part was when they did the pirouette.”

Zack: “I was surprised with how strong they were!”

Faris: “When Ravi picked up Myra Rose and she bent back, I was impressed!”

Penelope liked “when they were working together and Ravi was picking Maia Rose up as she was dancing.”

Neeya's favourite moment: “When they were doing the skipping across the room.”

Damien: “I enjoyed when they were jumping high.”

Humza: “It surprised me that you do need to go the gym to be a ballet dancer!”

Elodie: “It doesn’t matter if you are flexible because you can practise. It is important to hold the position.”