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Virtual School Trip

Posted on: 25/03/2020

School trip

Put on your high-vis jacket, pack a notebook and a packed lunch and let’s all go on a virtual school trip!

Many museums and venues around the world offer virtual tours. Click on the links below and take your pick!

After your visit, perhaps you could write a postcard to someone to tell them about what you've seen or learnt. Please feel free to post any pictures, writing or letters to the school address and we'll look forward to seeing them when we all get back together!

A list of places to ‘visit’

More virtual tours

Art galleries that you can visit from your living room

And one for our older classes, particularly Year 6 who have been learning about the Second World War in their history lessons at school.... at 1pm and 2pm this afternoon, live history lessons will be streamed from a WW2 Bunker! Ask an adult at home to click the link below for further information:

Visit a WW2 bunker