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    Inspiration for Writers

    Posted on: 26/03/2020

    Need some inspiration for writing activities?

    Check out these links:


    The Literacy Shed

    Click here and scroll down to find fantastic short videos and visuals with questions and writing activities for a range of age groups:

    The Literacy Shed


    Poor Pobble has some 'sick' sentences

    Do you love writing? If the answer is yes, then visit Pobble 365 where you will find daily inspiration for writing. Each day a new image is posted with lots of writing prompts. There are questions for you to answer, stories to be written, pictures to create and even ‘sick’ sentences that need your help to get better!

    Pobble 365


    Live daily writing lessons - Super Sentence Stacker

    Try out Jane Considine's daily online writing lessons. She's a Literacy expert and has even trained some of our St Clement Danes staff!

    Mrs Considine is delivering free English lessons every weekday live from YouTube during the schools closures.

    Every day, Mrs Considine sets the pupils a writing task using her tried and tested methods. With permission from a parent, children could send their completed work to Mrs Considine. She will then select her favourite sentences of the day and knit them together to make a full story. Or you can just have a go at the activities!

    If you want to join in, it couldn't be easier...

    1. Visit Jane Considine's YouTube account here every morning at 9:45am, ready for her first live broadcast when she announces the focus of the day.
    2. Return for Mrs Considine's second live stream at 10:30am when she will do a short teaching session and issue the task.
    3. Carry out the task as instructed by Mrs Considine.
    4. With your parent or carer, you might choose to share your work on social media using the hashtag: #SuperSentenceStacker
    5. Mrs Considine will then review the submissions and put them together to make the day's full story and she'll read it out as a class reading session at 3:30pm. 

    Mrs Considine’s activities are based on some great short films, which are entertaining for all the family. To join live each day or to view previously streamed videos, click the link below:

    Mrs Considine's Super Sentence Stacker


    Oxford Owl

    The Oxford Owl provides lots of great activities for English and Maths and a huge free library of books. If you click the link below and scroll down through the homepage, you'll find lots of activities and resources.

    Why not read one of the Oxford Owl's books (or any book of your own) and use it to inspire some writing?! A few ideas you could try:

    • Write a character description.
    • Retell the story.
    • Retell the story but make it your own by changing its characters, setting or plot.
    • With permission from a parent, write an email to a friend to recommend the book.
    • Imagine you are one of the characters and write a diary entry.
    • Create a new hero or villain for the story.
    • Write a letter from one character to another.

    Oxford Owl


    Power of Reading

    At St Clement Danes we love to use the high quality resources, booklists, training and guidance provided by the Centre of Literacy for Literacy in Primary Education.

    They have provided some great guidance for five simple activities to go with quality texts for different year groups. You do not need to have the book as they provide relevant extracts, but this may inspire you to read the whole book! We have picked one book for each class to check out, if you'd like to....

    • Nursery and Reception: 'Ruby’s Worry' by Tom Percival 

    This would be a great way to get young children thinking about managing worries.  Click here for guidance and activities.

    • Year 1: 'How to find Gold' by Viviane Schwarz

    Our Year 1 children studied this book last term, so the activities should enhance their learning and give them an opportunity to revisit this fantastic story. Click here for guidance and activities.

    • Year 2: 'Anna Hibiscus' by Atinuke

    This is a great story set in West Africa which will links nicely with Year 2’s Geography topic. Click here for guidance and activities.

    • Year 3 and Year 4: 'The Bluest of Blues' by Fiona Robinson

    This is a beautiful book which may inspire our Year 3 and Year 4 children to become photographers! Click here for guidance and activities.

    • Year 5 and Year 6: 'Cosmic' by Frank Cotterall Boyce

    Both Year 5 and Year 6 have studied this book. These activities may enhance their understanding of the story. Click here for the activities and guidance.

    You can take a closer look at your book's cover in the image gallery below.


    More Daily English Lessons

    You might like to have a go at these daily English lessons with Holly. These are on Facebook so you will need permission from a parent. Click here for English with Holly.




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