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Five Little Ducks!

Posted on: 17/05/2024


There's been a great buzz of excitement in school this week as our duck eggs began to hatch last Wednesday!

Reception Class have been keeping a close eye on their precious hatchlings and were amazed to see how much their feathery friends had grown over the weekend!

Children from other classes have enjoyed meeting the ducklings this week too - including Year 5, who are learning about Life Cycles in their Science lessons this term.

Please scroll down to look at our photo diary and take a look at a video of the ducklings' first swim! They took to swimming like ducks to water!


Day 1   Ducklings hatching 08.05.24


Day 2a   Ducklings 09.05.24

Day 2b   Ducklings 09.05.24

Day 3a   Ducklings 10.05.24

Day 3b   Ducklings 10.05.24


Day 6a   Ducklings 13.05.24

Day 6b   Ducklings 13.05.24


Please click here to watch a video of our ducklings' first swim:


Day 7a   Ducklings 14.05.24

Day 7b   Ducklings 14.05.24


Day 8   Ducklings 15.05.24


Day 9   Ducklings 16.05.24

Day 10   Ducklings 17.05.24


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