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    Easter R.E.

    Posted on: 06/04/2020

    Easter image

    In our R.E. lessons at school this term we have been learning about the Easter story.

    During Holy Week and Easter Week, you might like to explore some of the resources and activities below….  


    Storytime with Father Simon

    You’re invited to join Father Simon for a special Collective Worship. Parents have been sent an email with a link to this video filmed in our school assembly hall. After you have listened to Father Simon tell The Easter Story, talk about it with your family.


    The Stations of The Cross

    Wintershall Education provides wonderful resources that families could use at home to explore the Easter story. Wonder together about the images provided (including video clips of Wintershall’s donkeys!) and use objects from around your home to create a story basket or treasure bag:

    Wintershall Education’s resources for families

    NATRE also offers high-quality R.E. resources and suggests activities that you might like to try at home:

    KS2: Jesus' Journey

    KS1: The Easter Story


    Make an Easter Garden

    Click this link to see how you could create a garden showing important scenes from the Easter story:

    Easter Garden


    Easter Eggs

    Learn about how Christian families around the world celebrate Easter and perhaps have a go at decorating eggs yourself! Click the link below for some creative inspiration:

    Easter Eggs


    News Reporting Task

    Do you have what it takes to be on TV and report the news?! Flash back more than 2000 years and write a news report about Jesus' days on Earth. What were some of the major events of the Easter story? What was the public opinion at the time? What would the disciples be saying? What might the Roman governor be saying and thinking? What will your headline be? Get dressed up for television and record your news story!


    Take a careful look at the images in the gallery below to remind you of some of the important events in Jesus' journey.



    Don't forget to email us with pictures and videos of your Easter reflections and creations so that they can be shared in school when we come back!


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