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Time for Textiles

Posted on: 04/05/2020

Time for Textiles 2


This is a great time to learn a new skill and make something new!

Click on the blue bars below to have a look at the textiles tutorials. Then pick your project!


Learn how to make a pom-pom using a fork!



Discover another way to make a pom-pom

Pom Pom 2


Use natural materials for weaving

Weaving natural materials


Weaving with recycled materials

Weaving recycled materials


Weaving with a frame (recycling an old picture frame)

Using old frame


Finger Knitting

Finger knitting


How to knit fingerless gloves - without using knitting needles!

Fingerless gloves


Macramé - continuous knotting



Use macramé knots to make a plant pot hanger

Plant hanger


Learn how to make a face mask without sewing!

Face mask without sewing


Another way to make a face mask - if you have a sewing machine

Face mask with sewing machine


Find out how to dye fabric using fruit and veg!

For more information about natural dyes, click here.

Natural dyes


How to make a fabric rainbow - collage art

Fabric rainbow



Important notice: Always check with your adult at home before starting any textiles project. Use tools and materials carefully and safely. Make sure you ask for permission from your adult before recycling materials such as an old t-shirt or picture frame!


Learning More About Textiles

These video clips explain the production of textiles and materials that we use in our day-to-day lives:


EYFS and KS1:

From sheep to clothing

Brazilian Carnival Costumes



History: Fibres to Fabrics

History: Textile Mills in Victorian Times

The Lifecycle of a T-shirt

The Production of Trainers

Cotton Everywhere!

Sheep knitting