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Samuel Twining Memorial Stone

Posted on: 07/11/2018

We were delighted to welcome guests, including the Twining family, to a special service at St Clement Danes School. Our guest of honour, Mr Sam Twining (who was Chairman of the Foundation until 2008), today unveiled the memorial stone of Samuel Harvey Twining.


Samuel Harvey Twining was the school’s Treasurer from 1855 until 1900; he therefore ran the school for nearly half a century. This year his memorial stone was set in the wall by the entrance of the school, after it was recovered from the vaults of what used to be Twinings Bank on Strand.


The Twining family have supported our school for over 300 years! The family have sold tea on Strand since 1706 and are the longest continual ratepayers in the City of Westminster. The founder of the business, Thomas Twining, first became a subscriber to the school in 1710 and every generation subsequently have served either as Governors or on the Foundation which owns the school. 


Our Year 6 choir sang the School Anthem at this very special service. Our thanks to the children, the Twining family, Father Simon, Mrs Rymer and to all the guests who joined us for this important day in St Clement Danes’ history.


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