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Art Attack!

Posted on: 07/05/2020

Art Attack


Family Challenge: Recreate a Famous Painting

You may have seen photographs in the media recently with people at home recreating some of history’s most iconic artworks. Now it’s your turn!

Research and choose a famous artwork, set up the scene using objects from home, get dressed up, recruit a household photographer, strike a pose and get snapping!

Click the link below to see some examples to get you thinking. Some of our teachers have taken on the challenge too. Take a look!

Recreate Art Challenge



Learn about Famous Artists and Art Movements

Artists and Art Movements 

Discover paintings by theme 



Exploring Materials

Explore art and craft materials in your home. Perhaps you could create your own little studio for the afternoon!

Your studio at home


Find out how to make your own watercolour paints using marker pens:

Make your own paints!

Recycle old felt-tip pens

DIY watercolour paint


Elements of Art

Click the link below to learn about the different elements of art:

Discover more about the Elements of Art

Art Elements


Learn more about art techniques and mediums

Art Techniques and Mediums

Art Tutorials


Fun, creative art activities to try at home

Barley & Birch

The Artful Parent