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Sayers Croft: Day 1

Posted on: 04/10/2021

Year 6 has had a fantastic first day at Sayers Croft. Bunk beds made, bags unpacked, games played, lots of fun orienteering and now all cosily tucked up in bed! 

Blog 1   coach

Blog 2   veranda

Blog 3   Peaslake living room

Blog 4  team games

Blog 5  team games circle

Blog 6  team games yee ha

Blog 7  team games group shots

Blog 8  team games close ups

Blog 9  team games circle band

Blog 10  team games circle band from below

Blog 10  team games green sheet

Blog 7  orienteering

Blog 11  orienteering jump

Blog 11  giant games

Blog 11  more giant games

Blog 14  bedtime