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Sayers Croft: Day 2

Posted on: 05/10/2021

Day two started with hash browns and toast to fill our tummies for the day ahead! Year 6 are getting Boulder by the day as we took on bouldering this morning. We reached new heights and spotted some wild animals – a herd of Roe deer and some pheasants. A very pheasant time was had by all!

Next, we moved on to the challenge course. We worked as a team through ‘crystal maze’ style challenges to retrieve a key and escape from the course, where we unlocked new friendships and teamwork.

Lunch was delicious burgers and fruit, and then Year 6 pulled another blinder – a blindfolded obstacle course!

Afterwards, we tucked into the tuck shop before our night time activities.

The evening began with a trip down into the Sayers Croft Anderson shelter. We sat in total darkness and talked about what life might have been like for the boys evacuated to Sayers Croft in the war, and even got to see a WWII toilet!

We then split into groups to do a glow-in-the-dark night trail through the woods. Our Year 6 stars then went stargazing and had time to be quiet and appreciate our time together.

We’re now all safely tucked up in bed and looking forward to our walk with our happy campers up Pitch Hill tomorrow!


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