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Sayers Croft: Day 3

Posted on: 06/10/2021

Day 3 and over halfway through the week... how time flies when you’re having fun!

We went out on our big walk up Pitch Hill, which was over 10km! Our expert guide, Gail, taught us how to measure the age of beech and oak trees using hugs and we found trees that were over 200 years old. We sharpened our orienteering skills, using our maps and compasses to lead the class up the hill and conkered (*conker pictured below*) new heights! We were greeted at the top by a spectacular view over the hills and a yummy picnic lunch.

Our next challenge was to build a ‘house for a mouse’, where we learned about small animal habitats and perfected our sales pitches – highlights included mouse hammocks and jacuzzis.

Luck was on our side, as we finished our walk by finding a four-leaf clover and having a walk around the picturesque village of Ewhurst and its fabulous hill rolling spot.

The fun didn’t stop there as Year 6 went out to play on the adventure playground and had a friendly game of football. We then split in to teams to go head-to-head in the Big St Clement Danes Quiz, the children wowed us with their knowledge of StCD history and their new countryside facts.

The day ended with toasted marshmallows, songs and a (gently) spooky story around the campfire.

We’re so excited to shoot into Day 4 with archery, catapults and the disco to look forward to!

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