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Oranges and Lemons 2022

Posted on: 17/03/2022


What a wonderful celebration we enjoyed for this year’s festival of ‘Oranges and Lemons’!

This very special annual tradition began in 1920 for the children of St Clement Danes’ parish.

Inspired by this year's theme of Protecting Our Planet, the children performed spectacularly!


Blog 1   arrival

Blog 2   procession

Blog 3   handbells

Blog 4   EYFS song

Blog 5   EYFS chip chop   edit

Blog 6   EYFS with Fr Simon   edit

Blog 7   Y1 planet Earth

Blog 8   Y1   edit

Blog 9   Y5   edit

Blog 10   Y3

Blog 11   hymn words

Blog 12   singing hymns

Blog 13   Y6   edit

Blog 14   Y4

Blog 15   Y2   edit

Blog 16  prayer and anthem

Blog 17  old photos

Blog 18  leaving church

Blog 19  leaving church 2

Blog 20  O+L doorwayBlog 20  end