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Sayers Croft - Day 3

Posted on: 05/10/2022

Day 3 and over halfway through the week... how time flies when you’re having fun!

We went out on our big walk up Pitch Hill, which was over 10km! Our expert guide, Gail, taught us how to measure the age of beech and oak trees using hugs and we found trees that were over 200 years old. We sharpened our orienteering skills, using our maps and compasses to lead the class up the hill and conkered (*conkers pictured below*) new heights!

Year 6 spotted lots of exciting wildlife. First off we horsed around and fed some friendly horses. We then giddied up and encountered our next creature, a lost baby bat! Gail barely bat-ted an eyelid as she scooped it up to take it to safety.

As we approached the summit, the heavens opened, but nothing could dampen our spirits. We learned how to use emergency rain shelters and enjoyed a picnic with a twist! Year 6 were on cloud 9 as they posed for some hill-arious group photos. We gave it some welly on the way down! We enjoyed splashing in the muddy puddles and finished by walking around the beautiful village of Ewhurst.

We had truly urn-ed the hot chocolate and biscuits that were waiting for us back at our dorm. Despite the rain, we weren’t stick-ing around for long, as we went to collect some firewood for our evening activity. We then split into teams to go head-to-head in the Big St Clement Danes Quiz! We wowed our teachers with our knowledge of St CD history and our new countryside facts.

Then we got all fired up and ended the day with toasted marshmallows, songs and a (gently) spooky story around the campfire.

We’re so excited for Day 4 and to tell Ms Harney about everything we’ve been up to when she comes to visit us tomorrow!  

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