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Sayers Croft - Day 4

Posted on: 06/10/2022

Our last full day at Sayers Croft and nobody is ready to leave but we managed to pack so much in today! We started the day off with a dorm inspection, where the boys and girls equalised their points and we were joined by special guest inspector, Ms Harney! We’ve all become very competent bed makers – a habit we hope continues in London!

We then changed target and headed to the ballista range. Our challenge was to construct Roman catapults and use them to launch wet sponges, with teachers acting as willing targets! We then stepped back in time to a Celtic roundhouse where we sharpened our skills by throwing spears at boars, trying on Roman soldiers’ clothing and practising our battle shield formations.

Next we explored the pond with our guide, expert biologist Gail, finding minibeasts in the water. Year 6 were quick to spot a grass snake in the water and watch Gail masterfully collect and release it. We worked in pairs and then got to work in the outdoor lab to use magnifying glasses, containers and classification keys. We went hopping mad for this experience that we'll never frog-et! It was toad-ally awesome and had us in hiss-terics!

After a quick snack, we gathered in the forest to have some quiet time to listen to nature and create some unbe-leaf-able natural art using the materials we found around us. We then had an art show where we showed off our creations and talked to the group about their meanings.

After dinner and a browse of the Souvenir Shop, we got ready for the much-anticipated Year 6 disco. To make it a night to remember, we fuelled up with hot chocolate and marshmallows before heading to the expertly-DJed disco dance floor. We guessed you could hear our renditions of Roar and the Macarena all the way from Covent Garden!

We have an early start tomorrow to get the most out of our final moments together here, and we look forward to seeing all your smiley faces on Drury Lane tomorrow!

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