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Reception to the Rescue!

Posted on: 18/04/2023

Following their recent visit to the London Aquarium and having read the story of Clean Up, children in our Reception Class have been inspired to take action, to try to help look after our planet's sea creatures. 

Aquarium pics

Clean up

The children decided to do more plastic recycling and to try to encourage other people in our school to recycle more too - at school and at home.

Reception class asked our school premises manager, Mr Panieh, if he had any spare boxes that they could reuse. He gave them a great big box! The children made labels for the box to show everyone where to put their plastic for recycling:

Box pic

The children also had the great idea of making posters and writing letters to other classes in the school....

Letter written by children

Some children in Reception Class spoke to the whole school in assembly this morning to tell everyone about their ideas for helping to protect our planet's sealife.

There's already been a great response to Reception's call for action, with extra recycling happening on Drury Lane!

Well done, Reception Class!

Writing pics