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Anti-Bullying Workshop

Posted on: 25/05/2023

Year 5 Workshop: Becoming Knights of Knowledge Against Bullying

Today our Year 5 students embarked on a great workshop focused on combating bullying and becoming 'upstanders'. Through engaging drama activities, they learned more about the different types of bullying and how to make a positive difference in such situations.

During the workshop, the children were divided into groups to act out bullying scenarios. This helped them understand the harmful effects of bullying and empowered them to intervene as upstanders. They discovered that being an upstander means not only speaking out against bullying but also offering support and kindness to those affected.

By putting themselves in the shoes of both the target and the person engaging in bullying behaviour, pupils developed empathy and a deeper understanding of the issue. They learned to approach bullying situations with compassion and worked towards creating a safer and more inclusive school environment.

Through this workshop, our Year 5 children have gained more tools and confidence to combat bullying effectively. By embracing their roles as upstanders, they are actively contributing to a positive school community where kindness and respect prevail.


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