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Wisdom and Faith

Posted on: 23/11/2021

What is wisdom? Who has wisdom? Why Is wisdom important?

Today, on the feast day of Saint Clement, Year 5 have been reflecting on the faith and wisdom of our school's saint.

The children have looked at different proverbs from the Bible. They have reflected on the wisdom and teaching that the proverbs are offering to people, and how they might help a person of the Christian faith to become more faithful.

What wisdom can you offer and from where does this wisdom come?

Icons for the blog

Year 5 have been learning about Icons, written in the Orthodox Christian tradition. They have studied Icons of Saint Clement to learn more about him.

'They are not like portraits. The icons tell us something about who Saint Clement was inside.'

'An icon is about faith.'

'His stole tells people that he was a bishop. His halo tell people he has holiness.' 

'The background is light - like his life.'

'His hand is giving a blessing from God.'

Y5 art for the blog