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Year 6's School Journey: Sayers Croft 2022

Posted on: 09/10/2022

Year 6 have had a fantastic week away at Sayers Croft, living life to the full in the heart of the Surrey countryside! We lost count of the number of times we heard children exclaiming, 'This is the best day ever!!'

The children received many compliments from staff at Sayers Croft. Their school values shone brightly and their gorgeous manners were frequently praised. The lovely cleaner, Joan, told us she was so impressed by how tidy and well-looked-after their dorms were. 

The St CD staff with Year 6 this week are so proud of each and every one of them. The children sparkled with their friendships, kindness and their sense of fun and adventure.  We are so excited to see Year 6 take on all the challenges of their final year at St CD and beyond!

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