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Black Lives Matter

Posted on: 10/06/2020

Black Lives MAtter


Let’s come together to learn, talk about and take action against racism.


Listen to this story:

A Kids’ Book About Racism

A kids' book about racism


Watch this news report to find out why people all around the world are protesting:

Newsround report



Click the link below - Elmo’s dad explains why people are protesting:

A conversation with Sesame Street



Read some responses to George Floyd’s death:

Anti-racism speeches



Read this book (skip to 0:42 in the video to begin the book) :

‘A is for Activist’A is for Activist


Discover more anti-racist books to read:

Recommended Reads

Malcolm X


Take a look at this booklist which offers great recommendations of high-quality books that speak about race or include BAME protagonists:


Maya Angelou quote


There is a lot to learn about British Black History. Check out these links to be more informed about the Windrush Generation and the history of slavery in the UK:

Learn more from Liverpool's International Slavery Museum

Slave trade triangle

What is the Windrush Generation? Windrush image



Listen to this poem, written and performed by Benjamin Zephaniah:

‘People Will Always Be People’




Show racism the red card   image


Information for adults: talking with children about race:

How to Talk to Kids About Race

Stay Curious, Stand Brave & Talk About Race

Racism & Violence - How to Help Kids Handle the News

A Parent's Guide to Black Lives Matter

Speech bubbles


Listen to this powerful message from a 12-year-old boy:

Keedron Bryant



A is for Activist   Are you an activist


Good Hope poem