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Year 6's School Journey: Sayers Croft 2021

Posted on: 09/10/2021

Year 6 have had a brilliant week away at Sayers Croft, in the heart of the Surrey countryside!

Before they left there on Friday, the children created thank you cards for all of the staff, which brought tears to the eyes of the catering staff!

It was wonderful to see all of the children living out St Clement Danes' vision and values away from school and seeing their impact in everyday life.

The Sayers Croft staff also had lovely stories to share about us. We were overwhelmed by all of the praise of Year 6 from staff at Sayers Croft. Some highlights were: 'You can tell a school with lovely values; this school's children and teachers treat each other so kindly' and 'Best behaved group we've ever had!'.

We couldn't have been more proud of them all; their politeness, friendliness and their sense of humour and adventure.  We are so excited to see Year 6 take on all the challenges of their final year at St CD and beyond!

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